Municipal Law Attorneys Offer Counsel

Municipal law, which governs the operation of cities and towns and regulates the delivery of essential services, is the body of law that has the most immediate impact on everyday citizens. By controlling police, fire departments, public schools and garbage pickup, municipal law significantly affects a community’s quality of life. Municipal law is also the place where theoretical Constitutional protections are put to the test, as zoning decisions clash with private property rights, parking restrictions aid or impede commerce, and elections preserve or subvert democratic rule. Municipal lawyers at this firm have more than 65 years of combined experience in municipal law. They represent local governing bodies and individual citizens in cases related to:

  • Boundary changes
  • Building and construction
  • Economic development
  • Elected officials
  • Elections
  • Eminent domain
  • Employment law, including union and nonunion public employees
  • Environmental law
  • Ethics
  • Financial affairs
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Governing bodies
  • Land use, annexation, zoning and condemnation
  • Legal issues incidental to managing city services
  • Litigation
  • Municipal court prosecution and operations
  • Open meeting and records laws compliance
  • Ordinance drafting
  • Utilities and water
  • Litigation on behalf of local government

Too often, economic development that would benefit an overwhelming majority is hindered by a small, non-representative group. Red tape on the state or federal level can also stymie progress. When a city ordinance, practice or development stirs up conflict with state and federal agencies, community groups or individual residents, this firm provides robust representation to protect the interests of the city in service of the people it represents.

Counseling city officers and elected officials on compliance issues
Newly elected officials often need to be educated on the differences between standard operating procedures in the public and private sectors. This can also be true for veteran city managers. firm has the knowledge, experience and resources to inform responsible officers about the requirements of open meeting and open records law, the code of ethics and numerous other problems frequently faced by local entities. They can even assist in drafting ordinances to avoid conflict with existing precedent.

Skilled, Efficient & Knowledgeable Legal Services

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Professional, knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who work hard to resolve your legal matters in the most effective, cost-efficient manner. With more than 65 years of combined experience, trial attorneys at this firm are committed to providing clients with quality legal representation and have successfully litigated hundreds of cases, prevailing both at the summary judgment stage and at trial. They have a passion and reputation for excellence and provide expertise in the following areas of practice:

  • Civil litigation
  • General practice trials in all state and federal courts
  • Insurance law
  • Insurance defense
  • Insurance coverage
  • Defense of county and municipal governments
  • Defense of county and municipal law enforcement agencies
  • Municipal law
  • Personal injury

You can expect personalized attention from Greensboro attorneys.
When you turn to this firm, you can be sure your case is handled with respect and care. Every client is important to them. They give their clients individual attention and try to limit their expenses. They work hard to resolve your legal matters as smoothly as possible in a manner that is most beneficial for you and your loved ones.

This Firm combines the accessibility and attentiveness of a small firm with the skills, experience and resources commonly associated with a large law firm. The firm’s primary goal is to offer cost-effective legal services while providing high quality, aggressive representation.

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