San Antonio Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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San Antonio Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Your Advocate With the Insurance Company
Commercial vehicles, whether they are cars or large trucks carry commercial insurance policies. If you are in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you will have to battle the company’s insurance carrier for every cent. Commercial insurance carriers are notorious for trying to deny fault for accidents so they do not have to pay damages.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

At our Law Firm, we know how to fight insurance companies. What’s more, the insurance companies know we can and will fight them. Our reputation as aggressive trial lawyers is a valuable asset. Our founder has been Board Certified in civil trial law by the Texas Bar since 1993. You can rely on his expertise at trial and in negotiations. To schedule a free consultation with a commercial vehicle accident lawyer, please call us today.

Comprehensive Injury Representation
The firm represents people injured in accidents with vehicles such as:

Commercial vans
Cargo vans
Delivery cars or trucks
Garbage trucks
Construction vehicles
Whether you were in a collision while driving or were hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian or cyclist, you may be entitled to compensation. If the other driver’s negligence caused your injury, we can seek damages for medical bills, related expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. If you lost a family member to wrongful death, we can also argue for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and future income that has been lost.

To build strong cases, we often work with medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, life-care planners, and economists. They provide crucial information about liability, the effect of the injury or death on the victim and family, and the present and future costs of the accident.

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